25+ Winter Side Hustles | Quick Profits in Chilly Season!

As winter rolls in, so do the opportunities to make some extra cash with winter side hustles. 

From crafting and decorating to walking dogs in the chilly air, we’ve got practical ideas to pad your pockets. 

No fluff here—just solid ways to turn the colder months into profitable ones. 

Best Winter Side Hustles

Winter brings unique opportunities to earn extra money. Here’s how you can make the most of the season with these side hustles.

1. Snow Removal

Clearing snow can be a solid way to make cash during the winter months. You’ll need a sturdy shovel or a snowblower. 

The work is physically demanding but pays well, especially after major snowfalls. Market your services on local social media groups or by handing out flyers in your neighborhood. 

The main downside is the unpredictable nature of snowfall.

2. Christmas Tree Delivery

Offering to deliver Christmas trees is a seasonal gig that can bring in good money. To start, you’ll need a vehicle large enough to transport trees. 

This hustle has the advantage of being highly in demand for a few weeks each year. However, you need to be ready for heavy lifting and careful driving. 

Partner with local tree farms to find clients.

3. Firewood Delivery

As it gets colder, people using wood-burning stoves or fireplaces need a steady supply of firewood. 

If you have access to a truck and a source of affordable firewood, this could be profitable. 

It’s straightforward: buy firewood in bulk, sell it at a markup, and deliver it. The challenge here is storing large quantities of wood until it’s sold.

4. Winter Clothing Consignment

Start a consignment shop for winter clothes. This is great if you have a knack for fashion. Collect gently used winter garments and sell them for a profit. 

Use platforms like eBay or Depop to reach a wider audience. This hustle requires some initial effort to collect inventory but can be managed from the comfort of your home.

5. Holiday Music Gigs

If you’re a musician, the holiday season is a prime time for gigs. Restaurants, malls, and private parties often hire musicians. 

Start by promoting your availability on social media or through local event planners. 

This gig is fun and pays well, but gigs can be sporadic. Make sure you have a good set of holiday tunes ready to perform.

6. Winter Photography


Capture the beauty of winter scenes and earn money by selling your photos online or at local art fairs. You’ll need a good camera and an eye for striking landscapes or winter wildlife. 

This gig is perfect for those who love the outdoors and photography. The challenge is the cold weather, so dress warmly. 

Websites like Shutterstock or Adobe Stock are good places to sell your images.

7. Food Delivery

Delivering food is a reliable way to make extra cash when it’s cold out. People often prefer staying cozy at home, increasing demand for delivery services.

Sign up with apps like Uber Eats or DoorDash. You need a reliable vehicle and good navigation skills. The main drawback is braving the cold and sometimes hazardous roads.

8. Clean Houses

Offer cleaning services to busy homeowners during the winter months. Many families hold gatherings and may need extra help cleaning their homes. 

Start by advertising your services locally. The upside is steady work and flexible hours. However, you’ll need your own cleaning supplies to get started.

9. Greeting Card Making

Create and sell custom greeting cards. This crafty side hustle can be quite profitable, especially during the holiday season. Use materials like cardstock, markers, and embellishments. 

Sell your cards online through Etsy or at local craft fairs. It requires some upfront investment in materials but allows for creativity and expression.

10. Rent Your House

Rent Your House

If you live in a desirable location, consider renting out your home or a room on platforms like Airbnb, especially during holiday seasons or local events. 

It’s a good way to make money if you have extra space. The downside is the need for initial preparation and cleaning, plus handling guest interactions.

Winter Time Side Hustles

As winter settles in, consider these side hustles that not only offer flexibility but also the potential for substantial income.

1. Gift Wrapping

Many folks struggle with wrapping presents beautifully or simply don’t have the time. Offer your gift wrapping services to ease their stress during the holiday rush. 

Set up a station at local malls or offer your services from home. You need wrapping paper, scissors, and tape. 

This job can be quite fun, especially if you’re creative, but it might only be in high demand during the holiday season.

2. Holiday Decorating

Help homes and businesses get into the holiday spirit by offering decorating services. This can include setting up Christmas trees, decorating interiors, and arranging festive displays. 

Start marketing your services early in the season. 

While this job allows you to unleash your creativity and pays well, it requires you to invest in some basic decorations unless your clients provide their own.

3. Hanging Lights

Exterior light displays are essential for many during the holidays, but they can be tricky and time-consuming to set up. Offer to hang lights for your neighbors. 

You’ll need ladders and basic electrical knowledge to ensure safety. The work can be quite profitable, especially if you are efficient and have a good eye for design. 

However, working outdoors in cold weather is a downside, and there’s a risk of falling, so proper safety measures are important.

4. House Sitting

House sitting becomes more popular as people travel for holidays and want to keep their homes safe and maintained. 

This job involves staying at someone’s home, collecting mail, watering plants, and sometimes caring for pets. You can find gigs through websites like TrustedHousesitters

The advantage is minimal work for potentially free accommodation. However, you must be trustworthy and often flexible with your schedule.

5. Gardening


Although winter is off-peak, gardening can still offer opportunities. Services can include preparing gardens for spring, winter plant care, and indoor plant maintenance. 

Start by offering your services to neighbors or through local Facebook groups. It’s peaceful work, but the cold weather can make it tough, and jobs may be less frequent.

6. Blogging

If you enjoy writing and sharing knowledge, blogging can be a rewarding side hustle. Choose a niche you are passionate about, like travel, food, or technology. 

Use platforms like WordPress to get started. Monetizing your blog through ads, affiliate marketing, or sponsored posts can take time, but it allows for creative expression and flexibility. 

The challenge is building a reader base and maintaining consistent content.

7. Virtual Assistant

Many businesses seek support with administrative tasks but don’t have the office space or budget for a full-time employee. 

As a virtual assistant, you can handle emails, schedule appointments, and manage social media from home. Platforms like Upwork or Virtual Staff Finder can help you find work. 

This role requires good organizational skills and some tech savvy. It’s steady work, but the tasks can sometimes be monotonous.

How to Make Money in the Winter as a Kid?

Winter can be a great time for kids to make some extra money. Here are some simple ways to do just that.

1. Shoveling Snow

When snow covers driveways and sidewalks, many neighbors would be happy to pay for help clearing it. All you need is a sturdy shovel and some warm clothes. 

Start by asking neighbors if they need help after each snowfall. This job can be tough physically, but it pays off quickly and you get to work close to home.

2. Babysitting

Parents often need some extra help watching their kids, especially during busy holiday seasons or for New Year’s Eve parties. 

If you’re responsible and good with children, babysitting is perfect. You can let friends and family know you’re available, or sign up on a trusted site like Sittercity

Although it requires patience and energy, babysitting can also be fun and rewarding.


3. Pet Sitting or Dog Walking

Pet owners sometimes travel during winter holidays or might need someone to walk their dogs in cold weather. Offering to care for or walk pets is a great way to earn. 

Flyers in your area or a profile on Rover can help you find pet owners who need these services. 

This job is enjoyable, especially if you love animals, but remember it can be a big responsibility to keep pets safe and happy.

4. Selling Baked Goods

If you enjoy baking, selling your cookies, cakes, or other treats can be a hit, especially during holiday gatherings and parties. 

Make sure you have all the ingredients and maybe some help from an adult to use the oven. You can sell your baked goods to family, friends, or at local events. 

This is a fun activity, but it requires initial effort and a bit of money to buy baking supplies.

5. Making and Selling Handmade Crafts

Crafting can turn your creativity into cash. Knit scarves, make jewelry, or create holiday decorations and sell them online on platforms like Etsy or at local holiday markets. 

You’ll need supplies and a bit of skill in your craft of choice. This is a great way to express your creativity, but remember, you might need to spend some money on materials first.

6. Holiday Decorating

Offer your services to decorate homes and businesses for the holiday season. This could include setting up Christmas trees, hanging lights, or arranging festive displays. 

Start advertising in early fall so you can book clients in advance. It’s fun and can be quite profitable, especially if you have a flair for design. 

The main challenge is the seasonal nature of the job, limiting work to just a few months a year.

7. Paid Surveys

Taking online surveys is an easy way to earn a bit of extra money from the comfort of your home. Sign up with reputable sites like Survey Junkie or Swagbucks. 

While this won’t make you rich, it’s a simple way to make some money while watching TV or relaxing. However, the pay per survey is usually low, so it’s best as a supplemental income.