Ways To Save Money On All Inclusive Vacations

Ways to save money on all-inclusive vacations is a puzzle for every sun-seeker and sand-lover looks to solve before swapping the daily grind for a poolside lounge. But how do you trim the fat from the vacation budget without slicing into the fun?

Think about it when was the last time you felt a surge of victory snagging a stellar deal that left more cash in your pocket for souvenirs or a spontaneous adventure? It’s all about smart choices, like timing your booking to perfection or unlocking the secrets of loyalty points. 

So, let’s explore savvy strategies that keep your wallet happy and your vacation memories rich.

To save money on all-inclusive vacations, consider booking during shoulder season for lower rates, use loyalty programs for discounts and use travel rewards credit card to earn points for your spending.

Smart Strategies To Save Money On All-Inclusive Vacations

1. Use a Travel Rewards Credit Card

Leveraging a travel rewards credit card like the Chase Sapphire Preferred® or Delta SkyMiles® Gold American Express Card can lead to substantial savings on all-inclusive vacations.

With the Chase card, earn 60,000 bonus points, and with the Delta card, 40,000 bonus miles, both after meeting initial spend requirements. These points can offset costs for flights and hotels, and additional perks like dining rewards and free checked bags enhance travel value and convenience.

2. Opt for Less Popular Destinations

Popular vacation destinations often carry a premium, reflected in their steep prices. Yet, the charm of places such as Cancun or the Bahamas can be found elsewhere, without the hefty expense. Seek out emerging gems or quieter locales that deliver comparable delights for less.

Take Roatan in Honduras or Spain’s southern shores  while they may fly under the radar compared to their famous counterparts, they boast equally breathtaking beaches and all-encompassing resorts, all at more budget-friendly rates.


Booking your vacation early, as recommended by AMA Travel, can secure you a better and more cost-effective holiday experience. When you plan and reserve your trip at least 8 to 12 weeks in advance, you’re not only likely to snag early booking discounts but also enjoy a wider selection of options, ensuring you get the vacation you truly desire.

Early birds often benefit from incentives like extra on-site credits, dining perks, and even free nights.

4. Stay at the resort

Staying put at your chosen resort can be a wise financial decision for all-inclusive vacationers. These resorts are crafted to be self-contained paradises, offering a plethora of amenities, dining choices, and activities that are included in your stay.

This means you can indulge in a variety of experiences without the need to spend extra on outings. By fully utilizing what your resort has to offer, you sidestep the unnecessary expenses of exploring outside and ensure a cost-effective, enjoyable stay.

5. Going with a Group

Traveling in groups can unlock significant savings on all-inclusive vacations, and companies like Sandals and Beaches Resorts sweeten the deal with group discounts. Sandals offers up to 11% off for bookings of 10 or more rooms, with potential for a free room and Butler Level Suite upgrade.

Beaches Resorts matches this with similar discounts, free rooms on certain bookings, and additional perks for dive and mother-daughter groups, making group travel not only more fun but also more economical.

6. Shoulder Season

Booking during the shoulder season, typically in March-April and September-October for many regions including Europe, can lead to considerable savings. According to euronews, airfares can be around 23% cheaper compared to peak times, and hotels often reduce rates to attract visitors.

With fewer tourists, you’ll enjoy a more authentic experience with less chaos and no long waits for activities or dining, all while supporting the local economy outside the high season. The weather remains pleasant, often more comfortable than the extremes of peak season, making it an ideal time for both budget and experience-wise travel.

7. Avoid Hidden Costs

To sidestep unexpected expenses on all-inclusive vacations, be wary of hidden costs like resort fees, taxes, and service tips. CNN highlights that resort fees, sometimes termed destination fees, are extra charges for certain amenities.

To avoid these, consider using flexible travel credits or booking an award stay with hotel loyalty points, which can offset these additional costs and keep your vacation budget intact. Always confirm what’s included and ask about potential extra charges before finalizing your booking.

8. Loyalty Program

Frequent travelers can unlock significant savings on all-inclusive vacations through loyalty programs like Sonesta Travel Pass and Hilton Honors. By joining these programs for free, members can enjoy exclusive rates, earn points towards complimentary stays, and avoid resort fees on reward bookings.

Sonesta offers additional perks like tier bonus multipliers, while Hilton provides a suite of benefits including digital check-in, room selection, and free WiFi, with even more advantages like room upgrades and food and beverage credits for higher-tier members. 

These programs are designed to reward loyalty with cost-saving opportunities and enhanced travel experiences.

9. Check for Referral Programs

Taking advantage of referral incentives can significantly enhance the value of all-inclusive vacation packages. Such initiatives typically provide rewards to both the person making the referral and the new guest. Take Path Vacations’ referral scheme as an instance: it allows you to act as a brand advocate, offering a reward of $250 for every newcomer you introduce who signs up.

As part of the program, you receive a distinct sharing link, and your referrals benefit from a notable 40% reduction on their booking. This approach not only reduces the cost of your subsequent trips but also extends the savings to your circle, enriching their travel experiences as well.


Savvy travelers can enjoy the luxury of all-inclusive vacations without breaking the bank by employing a few strategic approaches. Booking during the less crowded shoulder season, taking advantage of loyalty and referral programs, and choosing underrated destinations can lead to significant savings.

Staying within the resort maximizes the value of your package, while being mindful of hidden fees ensures you don’t face unexpected costs.

Group travel often comes with added discounts, and using travel rewards credit cards can turn everyday purchases into future travel opportunities. By combining these methods, you can indulge in the ease and relaxation of an all-inclusive getaway, all while maintaining a budget-friendly itinerary.