Tips To Save Money On Quartz Countertops (Smart Strategies)

A kitchen that mirrors your taste and lifestyle can be thrilling, yet the price tag for sleek quartz countertops often brings a wave of worry. Tips to save money on quartz countertops are your secret ingredient to achieving that blend of luxury and practicality without stirring your budget into a frenzy. But how do you trim the costs without cutting corners on quality?

To save money on quartz countertops, opt for simpler designs, avoid unnecessary upgrades, and Purchase during holiday sales for discounts.

This article will serve up a feast of savvy strategies to keep your finances in check while outfitting your kitchen with the quartz countertops of your dreams.

Cost-Effective Strategies to Save Money on Quartz Countertops

1. Choose a Less Expensive Thickness

Selecting the thickness of your quartz countertops influences the overall cost significantly. Thinner options, such as slabs that are 2 cm deep, generally require less material and are easier to handle, which can translate into lower expenses. These cost savings come from both the reduced price of materials and potentially decreased shipping and handling fees.

Forbes highlights that the cost for quartz countertops can span from $75 to $200 for each square foot when you factor in installation. This variance hinges on both the material’s caliber and the intricacies involved in the installation process. 

The intrinsic qualities of the quartz, such as the uniformity of the color and the type of resin used, are also key contributors to the end price.

2. Look for Discounts and Deals

Scouring for deals is a smart approach to trim the costs of quartz countertops. Retailers like Granite System and Tampa Granite and Quartz Countertops roll out enticing offers, with Granite System presenting packages from $1,249 and Tampa featuring quartz starting at $39.99 per square foot.

Both companies also provide seasonal promotions, ensuring you can find quality materials within your budget. Keep an eye on such deals to make your countertop upgrade both stylish and economical.

3. Keep the Design Simple

Simplicity in design can lead to significant savings when it comes to quartz countertops. Opting for a minimalist approach that avoids elaborate seams, intricate cutouts, and curved edges can reduce the overall cost.

A straightforward design minimizes the need for extensive customization, which in turn lowers fabrication and installation expenses.

4. Avoid Unnecessary Upgrades

When selecting quartz countertops, it’s wise to consider the allure of simplicity. Extra features such as built-in drainboards, trivets, and elaborate backsplashes, while enhancing functionality and aesthetics, also inflate the price. Before committing to these additions, evaluate their necessity.

Often, the natural charm of quartz countertops requires no additional ornamentation to stand out, allowing you to forego these upgrades and save on your overall investment.

5. Go For Free Installation

Seeking out companies that offer complimentary installation services for quartz countertops can lead to substantial cost savings. For instance, Aqua Kitchen and Bath is known to provide free installation with their countertop products.

This can significantly reduce the final bill, as installation fees can account for a considerable portion of the overall costs. When shopping for quartz countertops, inquire about installation promotions and consider choosing vendors like Aqua Kitchen and Bath that extend these valuable services at no extra charge.

6. DIY Some of the Work

Taking on some of the work yourself can be a cost-effective move when updating to quartz countertops. If you’re skilled with DIY projects, you can start by removing the old countertops. This step alone can carve a significant chunk off the total labor costs.

It’s a task that requires care and the right tools, but with a bit of elbow grease and attention to detail, you can prepare the space for your new quartz surfaces without the extra expense of professional removal services.

7. Hire a professional

Hiring a professional for quartz countertop installation is a prudent decision to avoid costly errors. Given the material’s weight and the precision required for a flawless finish, a qualified contractor is essential.

Retailers like The Home Depot offer expert installation services, ensuring your quartz countertops are installed correctly. Utilizing such professional services can ultimately save money by preventing the mistakes that often come with DIY attempts.

8. Buy In Holiday Season

The holiday season, contrary to popular belief, is an excellent time to purchase quartz countertops, as detailed by Art Stone Surfaces. During this period, the competition for the best slabs is minimal, with countertop companies experiencing a significant drop in sales.

This slowdown means you can select from a wide range of materials without the pressure of competing buyers, often leading to discounted prices and substantial cost savings.  

So, capitalizing on holiday deals, especially around major shopping days like Black Friday and Christmas, can be a strategic move to secure quality quartz countertops at a fraction of the cost.


Achieving cost savings on quartz countertops is about strategic choices and timing. Opting for a less intricate design and standard edges can significantly reduce fabrication and installation costs. Thinner slabs offer material savings, but ensure they meet your durability needs.

Take advantage of retailers’ holiday discounts and look for companies offering free installation to further lower expenses. Remember, while DIY removal might seem like a cost-cutter, entrusting installation to professionals like those at The Home Depot can prevent expensive mistakes.

By combining these approaches—selecting simple designs, timing your purchase wisely, and leveraging professional services—you can install beautiful quartz countertops that don’t overextend your budget.