Tips To Save Money On Concert Tickets

Concerts are a thrilling experience, a chance to see your favorite artists live, but let’s face it: ticket prices can be a real pinch on your wallet. You’re not alone in this struggle. 

Many fans grapple with the high cost of tickets, often missing out on seeing their favorite bands and artists. But what if there were ways to enjoy these live experiences without breaking the bank? Good news, there are!

To save money on concert tickets, use presale codes, opt for cheaper seating, and be patient for last-minute deals. It’s like finding a hidden path in a maze – a bit tricky, but totally worth it. 

You might discover a fantastic offer simply by purchasing at the correct time or receiving a presale coupon via a straightforward email signup.  These small steps can open up a world of live music, without the hefty price tag.

7 Tips to Save Money on Concert Tickets

Live music can be soul-stirring, but ticket prices sometimes hit a sour note. By applying some clever tactics, you can turn this tune around and enjoy your favorite bands without straining your budget.

1. Presale and General Sale Strategies

Leveraging Presale Opportunities

  • Early Access through Presales: Sign up for artists’ and venues’ mailing lists. It’s like being part of an exclusive club where you’re offered tickets before the general public.
  • Credit Card Benefits: Some credit cards partner with ticket vendors to offer presales. It’s like having a golden ticket in your wallet.
  • Fan Club Memberships: Joining an artist’s fan club can often give you presale access. It’s a bit like being in a secret society but for music lovers.

Navigating General Sale for Best Deals

  • Avoid Premium Seating: Choose general admission over VIP seating. It’s akin to choosing a comfortable, yet affordable hotel over a luxury suite.
  • Multiple Platform Checks: Don’t just stick to one ticket site. Spread your net wide across Ticketmaster, Live Nation, AXS, and Eventbrite. It’s like comparing prices in different supermarkets for the best deal.
  • Real-Time Purchase: Be ready at your computer the moment tickets go on sale. It’s a digital race, and speed can save you money.

2. Opting for Less Expensive Seating Options

Benefits of Choosing Seats in the Back

  • Cost-Effective Views: The back seats are usually cheaper. You might not be up close, but the experience and atmosphere remain. It’s like watching a fireworks display from a distance – you still see the beauty, just with a wider view.
  • Technology to the Rescue: With large screens at venues, you won’t miss the action. It’s like having binoculars at a sports game.

The Solo Seat Advantage

  • Grab Lone Seats: Solo seats are often cheaper and easier to find. It’s like finding a single perfect slice of cake left in the bakery – still delicious and more affordable.

3. Exploring Resale and Secondary Markets

Verified Reseller Sites for Savings

  • Safe Resale Options: Websites like VividSeats and SeatGeek can be goldmines for discounted tickets. They are the thrift shops of the ticket world – full of potential treasures.
  • Paper Trail Importance: Always keep a record of your purchase. It’s like keeping receipts for warranty – you’ll need them if something goes wrong.

Risks and Rewards of Buying from Resellers

  • Vigilant Research Required: Beware of scams. Always buy from reputable sites. It’s like double-checking the expiration date on a food item – better safe than sorry.

4. Timing Your Purchase Wisely

Last-Minute Deals and Their Potential

  • Patience for Price Drops: Ticket prices can plummet as the event date approaches. It’s like waiting for a clearance sale.
  • Weather Watch: Bad weather can mean cheaper tickets, as some opt-out. It’s like grabbing a rainy-day bargain.

5. Broadening Your Venue Choices

Considering Alternate Locations and Cities

  • Ticket Tourism: Sometimes, tickets in a neighboring city are cheaper. As a concert road trip, it’s a chance for a mini adventure.

Local Concerts and Festivals as Affordable Alternatives

  • Local Scene Exploration: Smaller local concerts or festivals can offer great experiences at a fraction of the cost. It’s like enjoying a gourmet meal at a local bistro instead of a five-star restaurant.

6. Utilizing Rewards and Cash-Back Offers

Cash-Back Sites and Credit Card Rewards

  • Smart Spending: Use cash-back sites and rewards cards to earn back a portion of your spending. It’s like getting a small refund on every ticket purchase.

Social Media and Artist Promotions

  • Stay Socially Connected: Follow artists on social media for exclusive discounts and giveaways. It’s like having a friend in the know who gives you the inside scoop.

7. Creative Approaches and Unconventional Methods

Winning Tickets from Radio and Contests

  • Radio Contests: Keep an ear on local stations for ticket giveaways. It’s a game of chance but worth a shot.
  • Social Media Competitions: Many artists and venues hold contests on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. It’s like entering a raffle – you might just win the prize.

Networking for Ticket Opportunities

  • Tap Into Your Network: Sometimes, friends or family might have leads on affordable tickets. It’s about making the most of your personal community.

Factors Influencing Concert Ticket Costs

Understanding the factors that influence concert ticket costs is like piecing together a puzzle. Each factor adds a piece to the pricing picture. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Demand and Popularity: Just like a hot new toy at Christmas, the more popular the artist, the higher the ticket prices. Big names draw big crowds and big prices.
  1. Seasonality: Concerts in summer or during holidays can cost more. It’s like peak season pricing at hotels.
  1. Competition: If there are many events happening at once, prices might be lower to attract more attendees. It’s like when another store opens near your favorite store.
  1. Venue Costs: Larger, more renowned venues can mean pricier tickets. It’s like paying more for a meal at a fancy restaurant versus a casual dinner.
  1. Distance and Route: Traveling to see a concert? The further the venue, the more you might pay in total like a longer taxi ride costing more.
  1. Timing of Booking: Buying tickets early can be cheaper. It’s like booking a flight – last-minute can be costly. Around 55 days before a show is often the sweet spot for buying.
  1. Inflation Rate: The inflation rate for live-performing admission in 2023 events is 2.6 percentage points higher than overall inflation. This means ticket prices are rising faster than many other goods and services.
  1. Resale Trends: Resale prices can soar, especially for sold-out shows. It’s like a bidding war on a rare collectible. 30-35 days before the concert is prime time for selling tickets.


In conclusion, the quest to save money on concert tickets combines savvy planning with a sprinkle of creativity. 

While we’ve delved into various strategies like leveraging presales, choosing economical seating, and exploring secondary markets, the unique aspect lies in understanding the broader economic forces at play, such as inflation rates affecting ticket prices. 

To economize effectively, blend these strategic approaches with an awareness of the economic landscape. Remember, the key is to stay informed, flexible, and proactive. 

By doing so, you can enjoy live music without overstretching your budget, making each concert not just a musical journey but also a triumph of smart spending.