Tips To Save Money At Sprouts

Tips to Save Money at Sprouts is more than just a savvy shopper’s mantra; it’s a necessary strategy for anyone frequenting this popular grocery destination. 

Picture this: you’re filling your cart with healthy, appealing items, only to face a moment of hesitation at the checkout due to the unexpected total. This is a common experience for many shoppers. 

This article aims to demystify the art of economical shopping at Sprouts, offering you a lifeline in the often overwhelming world of grocery budgeting.

To save money at Sprouts, take advantage of Double Ad Wednesdays, use the Sprouts mobile app for exclusive deals, buy in bulk, and check out the clearance sections.

Mastering Money-Saving Techniques at Sprouts

1. Double Ad Wednesdays

On Wednesdays, Sprouts Farmers Market presents a special shopping advantage. During this day, the store’s weekly promotions intersect, allowing the previous week’s discounts to coincide with the new week’s deals. 

This overlap creates an exceptional opportunity for shoppers to browse and purchase from an expanded selection of discounted items. Essentially, you get access to two sets of sales in one visit. 

2. Sprouts Mobile App

The Sprouts mobile app serves as a central point for exceptional savings. It’s not just an app; it’s a gateway to exclusive mobile coupons and tailor-made deals that you won’t find anywhere else.  

But it doesn’t stop there – you can effortlessly clip digital coupons directly to your account. This feature is a game-changer for deal hunters, ensuring you never miss out on a discount.

3.  Bulk Purchases

Making bulk purchases at Sprouts is a smart move for both your wallet and the environment. In fact, bulk items at Sprouts can be up to 15-25% more cost-effective compared to their pre-packaged equivalents. 

This significant price difference makes bulk buying an attractive option for budget-conscious shoppers. Additionally, Sprouts offers an automatic 10% discount on select products when you purchase an entire case. 

4. Deals of the Month

Sprouts Farmers Market takes monthly savings to the next level with their ‘Deals of the Month’ flyer. Each month, this carefully curated flyer highlights approximately 2,000 products, each featuring its own special discount. 

What sets these deals apart is that they are distinct from the regular weekly ads, often offering even deeper discounts. This is particularly true for seasonal items, where the savings can be quite substantial. 

5. Sprouts Brand Products

Choosing Sprouts’ own brand products is a wise decision for those looking to maximize their savings without sacrificing quality. These in-house products are competitively priced, often 10-30% less expensive than comparable national brands. 

This price difference makes a noticeable impact on your grocery bill. Sprouts’ brand range is extensive, covering everything from fresh produce, meat, and seafood to bulk foods, deli items, and frozen foods. 

6. Special Sales Events

Sprouts Farmers Market is renowned for hosting a variety of special sales events that offer shoppers incredible value. Events like the 72-Hour Sale and Vitamin Extravaganza are particularly popular. 

During these limited-time events, specific items or entire categories are offered at deeply discounted prices, often up to 20-25% off their regular cost. These events are perfect opportunities for customers to stock up on essentials or try new products at a fraction of the usual price.

7. Wine Discounts

At Sprouts Farmers Market, wine enthusiasts have a reason to celebrate. When you purchase four or more bottles of wine, you’re rewarded with a 10% discount.

Whether you’re stocking up for a special occasion or simply enjoy having a selection at home, this discount can lead to significant savings. Wine, often a pricier item on the grocery list, becomes more accessible and affordable with this deal. 

8. Group Gift Card Purchases

When you go for group gift card buys at Sprouts Farmers Market, it’s not just about the ease of purchase but also about the smart savings. Say you’re dropping between $10,000 and $49,999, you’re looking at shaving off 2% from that total. 

And the more you spend, the more you save. And these cards are super flexible – load them with anything from $5 to $200, fitting just about any gifting plan you’ve got in mind.

9. Clearance Sections and BOGO Sales

At Sprouts Farmers Market, the clearance sections are a treasure trove for bargain hunters. Here, you can find items with their prices slashed significantly, sometimes by 50% or even more. 

This section is perfect for discovering great deals on a variety of products. Alongside these impressive clearance deals, Sprouts also offers Buy One, Get One (BOGO) sales. These sales are an ideal opportunity to stock up on your favorite products while keeping your expenses low.

10. Email and Newsletter Subscriptions

Subscribing to Sprouts Farmers Market’s emails and newsletters is a strategic move for savvy shoppers. 

By opting into these communications, customers gain a direct line to the latest information on upcoming sales and exclusive offers. This insider knowledge is invaluable for planning your shopping trips strategically. 

11. Vitamin and Supplement Discounts

At Sprouts Farmers Market, investing in your health through vitamins and supplements comes with a financial perk. 

When customers spend $100 or more in this category, they automatically qualify for a 10% discount. This offer is especially advantageous for regular buyers of these products. 

12. Seasonal Produce Offers

Sprouts Farmers Market takes pride in its selection of fresh, farm-sourced produce, and savvy shoppers can find exceptional deals here, especially on seasonal fruits and vegetables. 

The prices of these fresh items are typically lower when they’re in season. For instance, avocados can be found at nearly half their off-season price during peak times. This approach not only ensures you’re getting produce at its freshest and most flavorful but also at the best value.


Smart shopping at Sprouts Farmers Market can lead to substantial savings without compromising on quality. By strategically utilizing Double Ad Wednesdays, embracing the convenience of the Sprouts mobile app, and making the most of bulk purchases and clearance deals, shoppers can significantly reduce their grocery bills. 

Special sales events, BOGO offers, and exclusive email discounts provide additional opportunities to save. Remember, purchasing seasonal produce and taking advantage of the discounts on vitamins and supplements can further stretch your dollar. 

With these tips, Sprouts becomes not just a place for quality groceries but a destination for budget-conscious, health-savvy shoppers.