Tips To Save Money At Great Wolf Lodge

Planning a family getaway to Great Wolf Lodge? It’s an adventure every kid dreams of, but let’s face it, the costs can quickly turn into a parent’s nightmare. From room rates that make your wallet weep to extra activities that add up, a fun trip can easily become a financial burden. 

Fear not! Our article is packed with savvy tips to navigate the Great Wolf waters without sinking your budget.

To save money at Great Wolf Lodge, book off-peak, use promo codes, bring your own food and snacks, share accommodations with another family, and take advantage of free activities.

Smart Ways To Save Money At Great Wolf Lodge

1. Sign Up for Deal Alerts

Register on the Great Wolf Lodge website for special offers and promotions. They frequently send out deals that can lead to significant savings.

2. Book in Advance and Off-Season

Booking your stay during off-peak times, such as weekdays or non-holiday periods, can save up to 50%. Avoid peak seasons like summer and school breaks for better rates.

3. Utilize Third-Party Booking Sites

Compare room prices on websites like Priceline, Expedia, and Groupon. Groupon often offers deals that can significantly reduce costs.

4. Verify Park Access with Room

Ensure that the room price includes waterpark access. Some deals might separate the two, leading to unexpected costs.

5. Choose Standard Rooms

Opt for standard rooms instead of themed ones to save around $50 per night. These rooms still offer a comfortable and thematic experience.

6. Use Promo Codes

Search for promo codes online. Military families can use the code HEROES for additional discounts.

7. Maximize Waterpark Access

Arrive early and stay late. Great Wolf Lodge allows access to the waterpark from the time you check in until closing on your checkout day.

8. Bring Your Own Food

Packing meals, especially for larger families, can save hundreds of dollars. Utilize the in-room fridge and microwave for storage and preparation.

9. Consider a Crockpot for Dinners

Bringing a crockpot allows for easy and affordable in-room dinners, bypassing the need for expensive on-site dining.

10. Dine Offsite or Get Delivery

Explore nearby restaurants or order delivery for more budget-friendly meal options compared to the lodge’s dining facilities.

11. Set a Budget for Arcade and Games

Decide on a spending limit for arcade games and other paid activities to avoid overspending.

12. Reuse MagiQuest Wands

If you’ve visited before, bring your MagiQuest wands to save on the cost of purchasing new ones.

13. Participate in Free Activities

Great Wolf Lodge offers free activities like yoga, storytime, and character appearances. Make the most of these complimentary offerings.

14. Avoid Locker Rentals

Save around $10 per day by carrying a big bag for your belongings instead of renting a locker.

15. Look for Loyalty Deals

If you’ve stayed at Great Wolf Lodge before, check for loyalty discounts on your next booking.

16. Bring Your Own Entertainment

Pack movies, board games, or cards for in-room family entertainment, reducing the need for paid activities.

17. Take Advantage of Free Wolf Ears 

Upon check-in, get free wolf ears for kids. This simple freebie can be a source of entertainment.

18. Purchase Wolf-Themed Toys in Advance

Buy wolf-themed toys or stuffed animals before your trip to avoid higher prices at the lodge’s gift shop.

19. Utilize Coupons

Check the pre-arrival email from Great Wolf Lodge for coupons that can be used during your stay.

20. Consider the Paw Pass

If you plan to participate in several paid activities, the Paw Pass offers discounts on popular attractions and can be a cost-effective option.

21. Early Bird or Last Minute Deals

Keep an eye out for early bird specials or last-minute offers. Booking well in advance or snagging a last-minute deal can sometimes offer the best savings. Great Wolf Lodge occasionally releases these special rates, which can be significantly lower than standard pricing.

22. Share the Adventure

Consider teaming up with another family. Booking a larger room or suite together can be more cost-effective than individual rooms. This approach not only splits the cost but also enhances the fun with shared experiences.

23. Bring Reusable Water Bottles and Snacks

Inside the park, drinks and snacks can be pricey. Pack reusable water bottles and your family’s favorite snacks. This small step can cut down on frequent purchases of overpriced bottled water and treats.

24. Check for Local Partnerships

Sometimes local businesses or organizations partner with Great Wolf Lodge to offer discounts. Check with nearby stores or community centers for any available coupons or promotional deals exclusive to the area.

25. Opt for a Package Deal

Look for package deals that include meals, activities, and accommodations. These bundles often come at a discounted rate compared to purchasing each element separately. Be sure to compare the package price with individual costs to ensure it’s a genuine saving.


A trip to Great Wolf Lodge doesn’t have to break the bank. With strategic planning and smart choices, you can enjoy all the fun and excitement the resort offers while maintaining a budget. 

Booking during off-peak times, utilizing promo codes, sharing accommodations, and bringing your food are key strategies. Embracing the free activities available and reusing items from previous visits further enhance savings. 

Remember, the essence of the trip is about creating unforgettable family memories, and with these cost-effective tips, you can do just that without financial stress overshadowing the experience.