How To Save Money On Royal Caribbean Cruises?

Sailing the azure seas, basking in the gentle sun, and indulging in a world of luxury—cruising with Royal Caribbean offers an escape like no other. But here’s the catch: the thought of expenses often anchors the dream of this opulent getaway firmly to the shore.

A strategic approach to booking, spending, and savoring experiences on the high seas can steer a course toward affordability without sacrificing the essence of luxury. 

In this guide, we’ll unfurl the sails of savvy, budget-friendly cruising, exploring the hidden coves where savings await, and charting a course that allows you to revel in Royal Caribbean’s enchanting voyages without plunging into financial depths.

Book early to secure favorable rates, choose guarantee cabins for potential upgrades, sail during the off-season to avoid peak prices.

Bring your own permitted drinks to minimize onboard spending, invest in dining packages for culinary experiences at a reduced cost, and utilize the ‘Next Cruise’ program to gain benefits for future sailings.

Maximize Savings on Royal Caribbean Cruises

1. Book Early

Booking your Royal Caribbean cruise early, specifically 6-9 months in advance, can be a pivotal money-saving strategy. Early birds often catch enticing deals, securing optimal cabin choices and favorable prices before they escalate.

This proactive approach not only locks in a splendid vacation at a more manageable cost but also provides ample time to plan and budget for onboard and port activities. Thus, early booking stands out as a straightforward yet impactful step towards making your luxurious sea voyage financially accessible and meticulously planned.

2. Royal Caribbean Promo Code

Unlocking savings with a Royal Caribbean promo code can significantly reduce your cruise expenses, offering discounts on bookings, onboard credits, and more. Reliable websites such as RetailMeNot, wethrift offers upto 50% off and the official Royal Caribbean website occasionally feature promo codes and special offers that cater to a range of budgets and preferences. 

By utilizing these codes, you can access a world of savings, ensuring your cruise is not only a journey of luxury and adventure but also astutely aligned with your financial plan.

3. Book on Smaller and Older Ships

Choosing to sail on smaller and older ships of the Royal Caribbean fleet can be a strategic move to curtail expenses. These vessels often present more affordable fares compared to their newer, larger counterparts, while still offering a plethora of amenities, activities, and entertainment.

The charm of seasoned ships, coupled with a lighter impact on your wallet, ensures you can bask in the delightful cruise experience without straining your budget. It’s a subtle, yet effective, approach to securing luxury at a more accessible price point.

4.  Booked a Guarantee Cabin

Guarantee Cabin

Opting for a guarantee cabin can be a savvy move for budget-conscious cruisers. When you book a guarantee cabin, you select a cabin category (inside, oceanview, etc.) but allow Royal Caribbean to assign your specific room, often at a lower rate than choosing your cabin location.

This choice can unlock notable savings, and occasionally, you might be assigned to a higher category cabin at no extra cost. While you relinquish some control over your stateroom location, the financial savings and potential upgrades make it an appealing option for economical travelers.

 5. Sail in the Off Season

Sailing in the off-season presents a splendid opportunity to experience the luxury of Royal Caribbean cruises without the premium price tag. By avoiding peak travel times, such as summer and holiday seasons, you can uncover significantly lower fares and enjoy a more serene, less crowded voyage.

The tranquility of fewer passengers and the allure of serene seascapes, all while preserving your budget, make off-season cruising a hidden gem for those seeking both peace and affordability on their oceanic adventure.

6. Bring your own drinks onboard

Royal Caribbean’s policy permits each guest of drinking age to bring one sealed 750 ml bottle of wine or champagne onboard on embarkation day, offering a budget-friendly way to enjoy your favorite drinks without the onboard cost. For consecutive sailings, one bottle per sailing is allowed, with additional bottles stored and delivered by the ship for each new voyage.

This thoughtful strategy ensures your celebratory and relaxed moments at sea are accompanied by your preferred beverages, without accruing substantial bar expenses.

7. Dining Packages Guide

Dining Packages Guide

Investing in dining packages on your Royal Caribbean cruise can be a savvy move to enjoy a variety of specialty restaurants without the a la carte price tag. By pre-purchasing a dining package, you secure access to an array of culinary experiences at a reduced rate, ensuring your gastronomic adventures at sea are both delightful and budget-friendly.

This approach allows you to indulge in diverse and exquisite meals, enhancing your cruise experience while maintaining a mindful eye on your spending.

8. Book At next Cruise

Booking your subsequent Royal Caribbean cruise while still onboard can unlock a treasure trove of benefits and savings. The ‘Next Cruise’ program often provides enticing offers such as reduced deposits and onboard credit for future sailings, making your next sea adventure more affordable.

Not only does this strategy secure your next vacation at a potentially lower cost, but it also allows you to continue the excitement of cruising, knowing another adventure awaits on the horizon, all while preserving your budget.


In the enchanting world of cruising, where the sea whispers tales of distant shores and onboard luxuries promise unparalleled comfort, the dream of sailing with Royal Caribbean becomes irresistibly captivating. The journey through various strategies to make this dream financially accessible has unveiled a realm where luxury and budget coexist harmoniously.

From the initial booking phase, through the vibrant life onboard, to the explorations at each port, every step offers opportunities to weave savings into your sea-bound adventure. The key lies in mindful planning, seizing available offers, and making informed choices that align with your budget without diminishing the splendor of your cruise experience.