How To Get Cheap Uber Rides

Riding with Uber has transformed the way we commute, merging convenience with technology. But let’s face it: those rides can sometimes pinch the pocket, especially when they stack up over the month. So, what if there was a way to make each journey more affordable? Well there are strategies to trim down those expenses without compromising on the Uber experience.

Think of it like finding a secret discount aisle in your favorite store. By understanding Uber’s system and making smart choices, you can ensure that every trip is both comfortable and cost-effective. Dive in, and let’s uncover these money-saving secrets together.

To get cheap Uber rides utilize Uber’s promotional offers, select the most economical car tier, and avoid rides during surge pricing periods.

Top Strategies for Budget-Friendly Uber Rides

1. Carpooling with UberPool

UberPool is Uber’s ingenious solution to make rides more affordable. It operates on a simple principle: share your journey with others traveling in the same direction and split the cost. When you choose UberPool, the system automatically pairs you with up to three other riders with similar routes. 

The service was launched in 2014 and had passed 100 million Pool rides by April 2016. This not only reduces the fare but also optimizes the trip for all passengers.

The result? A pocket-friendly ride without detours, ensuring you reach your destination efficiently while enjoying the perks of shared costs. It’s a win-win for those looking to save a few bucks on their commute.

2. Discounted Uber Gift Cards

Discounted Uber gift cards are like hidden treasures for frequent riders. Platforms such as GiftCardPlace offer these cards at reduced prices, allowing users to prepay for their rides while saving money. By purchasing these gift cards, riders can effectively lower the cost of each trip.

The savings can vary, but with a bit of research and timely purchases, one can often find significant discounts. It’s a straightforward strategy: buy the gift card at a reduced rate, add it to your Uber account, and enjoy cheaper rides. It’s smart, simple, and saves money on the go.

3. Choosing the Right Car

Selecting the appropriate Uber service tier is crucial for cost-effective rides. Uber offers a range of services tailored to different needs and budgets. UberX is the standard option, ideal for everyday rides. If you’re traveling with a group, uberXL, with its larger vehicles, might be a better fit.

For those seeking a touch of luxury without breaking the bank, uberSELECT offers high-end sedans. UberBLACK and SUV are premium choices, providing professional drivers and top-tier vehicles.

4. Uber Cash Rewards Program

The Uber Cash Rewards Program is a savvy way to make your rides more affordable. By joining this program, riders can accumulate points for every trip they take. These points aren’t just numbers; they translate to real savings. The program has four membership levels Blue, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, and anyone can sign up to join at no additional cost.

As you gather points, they can be redeemed for Uber Cash, which can be used to offset the cost of future rides. Moreover, the type of Uber service you select can influence how quickly you earn points. Opting for cost-effective tiers can lead to more rides and, consequently, more points. It’s a strategic cycle: ride, earn, save, and repeat.

5. Scheduling Rides in Advance

Uber Reserve is a feature that brings predictability to your rides. One of the standout benefits of Uber Reserve is the ability to lock in your fare at the time of booking. This means no unexpected price hikes or surge pricing surprises. 

Additionally, by selecting a cost-effective car tier when scheduling, you can further optimize your savings. In essence, Uber Reserve offers both convenience and cost certainty, making it a smart choice for planned trips.

6. Uber Ride Pass

Uber’s Ride Pass is a game-changer for frequent riders aiming for consistent pricing. With a monthly subscription, Ride Pass offers protection against fluctuating fares, ensuring you pay a stable price for your journeys. The membership fee is $24.99 per month. With Uber Pass, you can get 10% off UberX, Uber Flash.

This means no more guessing games with your budget. Additionally, subscribers enjoy exclusive discounts, making rides even more affordable. In short, the Ride Pass is a strategic tool for those seeking both predictability and value in their Uber experience.

7. Uber Visa Credit Card

The Uber Visa Credit Card is not just another piece of plastic in your wallet; it’s a tool to maximize your Uber experience. Every swipe can bring you closer to discounted or even free rides. With this card, users earn reward points for their purchases, which can be seamlessly converted into Uber Cash. Platforms like Bankrate offer insights into the best Uber credit cards available.

And here’s a pro tip: by consistently using the card for your Uber rides, especially when selecting economical car options, you can accumulate rewards faster. It’s about blending smart spending with strategic riding for optimal benefits.

8. Avoid Surge Pricing

Surge pricing can be a real dampener when you’re trying to keep your Uber rides budget-friendly. It’s triggered when demand spikes in a particular area, leading to higher fares.

By understanding the typical times and events that cause this surge, like concerts ending or rush hour, you can plan your rides outside these windows. Another strategy is to check fares from a nearby location, which might not be in the surge zone.

9. Uber’s Promotional Offers

Uber’s promotional offers are like golden tickets for riders keen on saving. New users often benefit from discounts on their initial rides, providing a warm welcome to the platform. But the savings don’t stop there.

By simply sharing the app with friends, you can earn $5 each time someone takes their first ride. Uber’s referral program is a gem, allowing users to earn bonuses by introducing friends to the service. Every time someone signs up with your referral code and takes a ride, both of you enjoy a reward.


Achieving cost-effective Uber rides is not a matter of luck but a result of informed choices. From leveraging promotional offers and understanding the nuances of surge pricing to selecting the right car tier, there are multiple avenues to ensure affordability without sacrificing convenience.

As ride-sharing continues to evolve, staying updated on these strategies will empower riders to maximize their experience. After all, smart commuting is not just about reaching your destination; it’s about doing so efficiently and economically.